Spin-stabilized artillery projectile having a metal sealing ring Electronic safe and arm apparatus for initiating a pyrotechnic Limiting airborne target designating laser canopy returns Delivery of emulsion explosive compositions through an oversized diaphragm pump Construction element Handgun having a polymer frame Safety mechanism for a breechblock for repeating weapons Resettable apparatus for use with trigger mechanism Laterally translatable archery bow sight mount Firearm alarm Baton structure Shooting target system, components therefor and methods of making the same Method and system for determining the pointing direction of a body in flight Holster for a hand gun and a magazine Method and apparatus for charging boreholes with explosives Cartridge case reforming die having precise measuring system Method for loading slurry explosives in blast holes or cartridges Device for reducing the eccentricity and non-uniformities among cartridge cases Bore sighting apparatus Electric firing probe for detonating electrically-fired ammunition in a firearm Method and apparatus for a hand-gripable biomechanical tool Single-action revolver with actuating rod Cartridge casing ejector for a firearm Sight apparatus Scope sight for archers Optical system with extended boresight source Stabilized common gimbal Hydrolyzable polymers for explosive and propellant binders Process for producing leather Arrow for a crossbow or bow Cut-wire type ferrous shot for blasting and a process of using a cut-wire ... Sectional target board of a dartboard Safe projectable target Disposable packaging device that dispenses contents by mouth/breath, with ... K-charge―a multipurpose shaped charge warhead Firework launching system and method Drone or towed body having infrared flares for stimulating a flying target Straight-pull breechblock with rotating boss locking mechanism for repeating ... Device for attaching ammunition boxes to a box support for an automatic weapon Mine disposal apparatus and mine disposal method Mounting device of pistol laser site Modular firearm and method for making the same Device for inhibiting the loading and use of portable guns Arrow quiver for retractable-blade broadheads Arrow holding device Gun barrel cleaning shell Shrouded aerial bomb Hard target fuze Transistorized high-voltage circuit suitable for initiating a detonator Passive doppler fuze Blasting apparatus and blasting method Electro-pyrotechnic initiator built around a complete printed circuit Shielding device Ammunition feed device for beltless fed ammunition Cartridge feed device for a repeating firearm
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